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Why We Are Here
Community, caring, and common faith are at heart of Arizona Lutheran Retirement Center, which is located in Phoenix, AZ. ALRC was founded as a non-profit corporation in 1976 to provide a safe, comfortable retirement home for senior members of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).  ALRC is self-owned and operated and is overseen by a board of directors made up of WELS laymen and pastors from a federation of Arizona WELS and Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS) congregations in the greater Phoenix area.

ALRC’s primary objective is to provide both spiritual and material aid and a comfortable place for WELS seniors to retire.  Whenever possible, ALRC also provide assistance to indigent and needy WELS members in need of a retirement facility.

ALRC was founded on the belief that elderly Christians have many issues to address as they age, including the need for caring Christian friends who are able and willing to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support. Residents at ALRC share an atmosphere of spiritual love and friendship with one another in an atmosphere that encourages them to share their faith with fellow believers.